Title: Coded :: Fashion
Year: 2012
Medium: laser cut jersey, custom software
Website: codedfashion.com

Coded :: Fashion is a project at the intersection of new media and fashion design. It investigates the role of the designer and consumer and how these roles can be intertwined through interactive coding experiences.Coded :: Fashion is a series of computer applications that manipulate imagery and prepares files for prêt-à-faire (ready to make). The first application takes an image from a camera (external webcam or built-in) and manipulates the input imagery based on the computer code. The software outputs a vector pdf file that is inserted into a custom pattern and can be loaded into a lasercutter to be cut. The lasercut pattern pieces are then sewn into a unique garment. There also is an option to choose to get the lasercut pattern pieces pre-sewn to add another level of interaction with the production of the garment. This application is currently written in an open source prototyping software called Processing. Coded :: Fashion was premiered at the international BIFT/ITAA (Beijing Fashion Institute/International Textile Association) conference in Beijing, China.