Title: Coded :: Fashion
Year: 2012
Medium: laser cut jersey, custom software

Coded :: Fashion is a project at the intersection of new media and fashion design. It investigates the role of the designer and consumer and how these roles can be intertwined through interactive coding experiences.Coded :: Fashion is a series of computer applications that manipulate imagery and prepares files for prêt-à-faire (ready to make). The first application takes an image from a camera (external webcam or built-in) and manipulates the input imagery based on the computer code. The software outputs a vector pdf file that is inserted into a custom pattern and can be loaded into a lasercutter to be cut. The lasercut pattern pieces are then sewn into a unique garment. There also is an option to choose to get the lasercut pattern pieces pre-sewn to add another level of interaction with the production of the garment. This application is currently written in an open source prototyping software called Processing. Coded :: Fashion was premiered at the international BIFT/ITAA (Beijing Fashion Institute/International Textile Association) conference in Beijing, China. Research is ongoing.

Title: VS (Versus) :: 0.01 [eight-ball]
Year: 2012
Medium: pool table, custom software, sound equipment

This is documentation of the premiere of the first installment of the VERSUS (VS.) series: VS :: 0.01 [eight-ball] at COLLIDER4: SPECTACLE. The VS. compositions are a series of sonically interpreted sports events. VS :: 0.01 [eight-ball] is an interactive data sonification of the traditional eight ball pocket billiard game. The sound composition is created by interpreting the movement of the billiard balls while 2 players are battling for the win.

Title: LED ICE Floor Matrix
Year: 2012
Medium: ice blocks, RGB LED harness, custom software, arduino

The LED ICE MATRIX is an interactive light installation, that illuminates 64 iceblock’s with a range of 15000 shades of lights. The MATRIX reacts to the surrounding ambient noise, like music or talk. Preset animations can be changed on the fly. LED ICE MATRIX premiered at the 2012 Brite Winter festival in Ohio City.

Title: Circadian Capital
Year: 2009
Medium: table, custom coins, custom software, sound equipment

Circadian Capital is a site specific sound installation that sonifies currency exchange rate data.

Per the latest UN study more than half of the world-wide fortune is in the hand of two per cent of the population of the world yet half of the world population owns less than 1 percent of the entire world fortune. Additionally over a trillion of dollars worth of currency are traded daily. Circadian Capital is a site specific sound installation demonstrating the fluctuation of trading market influences on selected currencies.

The differences within the composition are achieved by pinning 12 western (e.g. US Dollar, Euro) currencies against 12 rogue axis of evil currencies (e.g.: Iranian Rial, Venezuelan Bolivar). The installation reviews current data and evaluates it against its counterpart, thereby influencing the audio in real time.

The installation reflects upon the vast amount of currencies traded and hopefully illuminates the intricacies and interdependencies of these currencies.

The carefully chosen currencies play a vital role in today’s political climate. Circadian Capital will investigate, how dependent the currencies are on each other and how easily influenced all of them are by common political actions. (e.g.: Wars, trades, political decisions)

Circadian Capital was premiered in Linz, Austria in 2007 and shown again in Chicago, IL in 2009.

Title: a.d.a.s. – (algorhythmic data arrangement – synchronous)
Year: 2010
Medium: handblown glass, speakers, custom software on operating system, metal pipes, wood

DESCRIPTION: On a daily basis people are voluntarily surrendering their data in order to enjoy the full benefits of functioning with technology in today’s society. a.d.a.s. is a symbiotic data portal, which reacts to the input of driver’s license data or any magnetic strip encoded card. The viewer interacts with the piece by scanning their driver’s license through the magstrip reader. This voluntary action triggers a musical piece and printout based solely on the data that is on their card. Enjoy the music as the ocean of data mining pulsates to a unique rhythm.

a.d.a.s. – (algorhythmic data arrangement – synchronous) was premiered in 2005 in Miami, FL, shown in Iowa in 2006,
and again in Akron, OH 2010.

Title: untitled 1
Year: 2005
Medium: 1974 VW Super Beetle and shrinkwrap

The site specific installation is a response piece to the collection of the Wolfsonian in Miami Beach. We dealt with the issue of collecting and preserving of objects in a museum setting. “Functional is no longer functional due to preservation.” The objects are just shells of what they used to be. Untitled was shown in 2005 at the FIU showcase in the design district in Miami.

OSLOOM (short for OPEN SOURCE LOOM) is a project aimed at creating an open source electromechanical thread-controlled floor loom that will be computer controlled. A loom is a device used to weave fabric. The loom itself will be a Jacquard style loom. Jacquard looms allow for the individual control of each thread which in turn allows for photographic imagery to be woven. Jacquard looms like this exist commercially but they are very expensive (upwards of $30,000) which puts them out of reach for individuals and small educational facilities. Visit osloom.org for updates and details.