a.d.a.s. – (algorhythmic data arrangement – synchronous)

Title: a.d.a.s. – (algorhythmic data arrangement – synchronous)
Year: 2010
Medium: handblown glass, speakers, custom software on operating system, metal pipes, wood

DESCRIPTION: On a daily basis people are voluntarily surrendering their data in order to enjoy the full benefits of functioning with technology in today’s society. a.d.a.s. is a symbiotic data portal, which reacts to the input of driver’s license data or any magnetic strip encoded card. The viewer interacts with the piece by scanning their driver’s license through the magstrip reader. This voluntary action triggers a musical piece and printout based solely on the data that is on their card. Enjoy the music as the ocean of data mining pulsates to a unique rhythm.

a.d.a.s. – (algorhythmic data arrangement – synchronous) was premiered in 2005 in Miami, FL, shown in Iowa in 2006,
and again in Akron, OH 2010.

::Latest Update::

Our project I heart is currently installed at the Akron Public Library Please join us for a talk about the project September 10 – 2pm @ the Techzone.

//benitez_vogl, Margarita Benitez and Markus Vogl develop work within a hybrid art praxis since 2000. They question contemporary issues concerning technology, such as exploring the mediation of information in our lives. Their current research explores 3D printing and transformation of the human form with through concepts of biomimicry, the concept of pret-a-faire (ready-to-make) thru generative fashion applications and open source tools for artists.