798: 03/30/12 by M. Benitez, J.R. Campbell and Markus Vogl

798: 03/30/12 is video documentation of a steam valve control mechanism in Beijing, China. The tranquility of the rhythmic composition of the machine releasing steam is only surpassed by the tranquil visual impact of the 3 channel video installation.

::Latest Update::

Collider 8 and Philip Beesley Forum class at the Emily Davis Gallery at the University of Akron.

//benitez_vogl, Margarita Benitez and Markus Vogl develop work within a hybrid art praxis since 2000. They question contemporary issues concerning technology, such as exploring the mediation of information in our lives. Their current research explores 3D printing and transformation of the human form with through concepts of biomimicry, the concept of pret-a-faire (ready-to-make) thru generative fashion applications and open source tools for artists.